Our Solutions

Private Equity

Accelerate with growth capital, facilitate Private Equity exits, enable part divestment by promoters, draw venture capital for exciting early stage companies.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Access cross-border opportunities for strategic deals and help execute 100% buy-outs and roll out Joint-Ventures, as required by our clients.

Structured Debt Finance

Go beyond conventional banking channels for special situations with PE buy backs, cap table restructuring etc.


Our team has rich multi-sector, multi-product and multi-cycle experience. We know what it takes to stay through the entire cycle.

Insight & Intuition

Over the years, our team has developed great intuition about market, trends, behaviour and sentiment that strengthens their insights.


Studying the market over the years and working with several sectors, we understand the significance of timing, positioning and arriving at quick decisions for successful transactions.


The sum total of our experience, intuition, insight and judgement drives us to measurable and meaningful outcomes for our clients, by delivering closure on transactions.

Investment Banking Requires Rigour

Orchestrating deal closures requires time, patience, dedication and understanding the intricacies of complex deals and the means to resolve the same. We work on multi-cycle transactions that require rigour, extensive and detailed co-ordination with multiple stakeholders and a thorough and disciplined approach to execution and closure.

Our 6-Step Approach


Decide when to hit the market based on the criticality of funds to the company and market conditions


Sell the story. Elucidate business case with well thought-through collaterals including presentation and financial models.


Present the investment case to the right set of investors. Highlight potential synergies to the right partners.

Price Discovery

Get a pulse on the value the market is willing to pay and determine the best possible price.


Go beyond valuation to assess and evaluate impact of other clauses; negotiate a deal which is fair and reasonable, overall.


Timing is everything in closure. Once the best-fit from a financial and strategic stand point has been evaluated, move to close the deal quickly

Our Values Are Our Compass


Integrity is the underpinning element of each of our relationships. We value our clients’ confidentiality, and handle our clients’ data & information with a great deal of sensitivity.


Our advice, especially when it comes to addressing conflict situations, is unbiased and non-partisan, dictated by our convictions and our clients’ needs.

Passion & Commitment

The entrepreneurial ecosystem at Veda allows and empowers every member to fulfill client needs with passion, dedication and commitment.